Win -  How To Activate Window 10 ?
I upgrade window 7 to window 10. it successfully update but after few days asked me activate window.
my source link is crictime please tell me solution
Should be converted automatically to a 'digital license'.

Since free upgrades no longer apply, you might have initiated a paid upgrade.
In that case, you still need to aquire a valid license to activate.

So it boils down to the upgrade path you have chosen.

As far your 'crictime' thing, i don't know what that has to do with license activation.
Are you using the free upgrade to Windows 10, then just log in with your outlook account and Windows 10 will be activated.
If you bought a license, press Windows key and Pause/break button

Then at the bottom of the window you can see a link saying change license key or what ever, i do not understand your crictime source link, what do you mean buy that have not clicked link because that would be bad Big Grin not knowing where i end up.

if your using a haxor Windows 10, then i can only say this, or rather i can't say it because it would be very very bad language
Thank you
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