Windows - How To Activate Window 10 ?

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Sporterus Offline
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I upgrade window 7 to window 10. it successfully update but after few days asked me activate window.
my source link is crictime please tell me solution
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Atreyu Offline
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Should be converted automatically to a 'digital license'.

Since free upgrades no longer apply, you might have initiated a paid upgrade.
In that case, you still need to aquire a valid license to activate.

So it boils down to the upgrade path you have chosen.

As far your 'crictime' thing, i don't know what that has to do with license activation.
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kimkl Offline
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Are you using the free upgrade to Windows 10, then just log in with your outlook account and Windows 10 will be activated.
If you bought a license, press Windows key and Pause/break button

Then at the bottom of the window you can see a link saying change license key or what ever, i do not understand your crictime source link, what do you mean buy that have not clicked link because that would be bad Big Grin not knowing where i end up.

if your using a haxor Windows 10, then i can only say this, or rather i can't say it because it would be very very bad language
Thank you

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Thread moved to off-topic.

This is a Kodi forum, not a general Windows (or any other OS) one.

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