how to add a single image background

I am trying to add a background image to my menu items,

I go into the customize menu, choose the right menu and then background, select single image an then I get to a place where I can browse a source called Fusion and zip file called script.module.metahandler.

How come I can't browse anywhere else.

Sorry if this question seems stupid for you guys, I am a newbie in the wonderful world of Kodi

I told you already you need to add the source through the kodi file manager. If you don't have kodi filemanager then add it in the customize home menu as an additional tile. After you add an additional source in filemanager, it will show up in the background selection
hahaaa, you again ! :-)

thank you but it's not appearing in the background selection... I've added the source (as picture source) but can't access it on background neither thumbnail selection...

and it's not just your skin (eminence 2.0) I have tried with others and still get to this weird place when I want to select a single image for background and/or thumbnails.

If I undertand you well, when I click on the "single image" menu I should get to the same place I get when I click on "browse" when trying to add a source... right ?
If you read my instructions you will notice I said NOTHING about adding as a picture source.
I said to add a source in kodi FILE MANAGER.

File manager is available from the Settings submenu (press down from settings tile in main menu).
If you don't have file manager there, you will need to add it in the home customisation screen.
Skin Settings > Home Customisation

From the left menu press the plus to add a new item and then go to:
Choose Shortcut > Common > File Manager.

Now go back to the home menu and click this new tile. Then click Add Source.
It looks like this...
got it jurialmunkey...

thank you ver much for your help !
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