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Hello Folks, 

Just to Clarify:
a. I am running my Kodi installed/from Amazon Fire TV and Not from my Laptop. 

Does the settings provided in the procedures works for Kodi running from external devices ? connected to the same network in which the google mini is connected ? Kindly clarify!

I tried following the steps provides in the procedure page and when I said "Hey Google, Kodi Play Movie Gladiator", the google responds back saying "I am still unable to play from Kodi"!!. Think I am stuck with the router configs + port forwarding etc.

a. In the Kodi -> Settings -> webserver, I choose http, entered the port-id as 8080 and other required details. And there was a default option for web-ui as Kodi - chorus 2[Not sure what was it]. 
b. In the router single port forwarding setup page, I tried setting the following.
   Application Name - Kodi and
    External PortInternal PortProtocolTo IP AddressEnabled      8080           8080          Both       Yes

c. Then in the google I tried checking what is my ip and it provided some "random ip number". So i entered those details in the glitch .env file. Do I need to provide the google provided IP number in the .env file ? or do I need to provide the same number as provided in the router port forwarding ? i.e. ?

After setting these defaults and then filling up the applets in the glitch "if this then that". When I tried saying "Hey Google, Kodi Play Movie Gladiator", then the Google mini responds back saying "I am Unable to play from Kodi" ! Can anyone help on the above settings to be done ?

How can I change the above configurations for this scenario ??

Thanks in Advance !!

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