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(2017-11-28, 22:24)warlord0 Wrote: I've tried cycling trough ID's in the hope of hitting something. But that's the bit I don't understand. How do I know what ID to send the activate to?

The actual setup I have is everything goes through a Yamaha AV Receiver. What I'd like the CEC to do is tell the receiver to activate the port that my Raspberry Pi is connected on. Is there something I can use to debug what I should see from CEC? Not sure if I need to investigate with 'cec-client' on the Pi.

Any pointers gleefully accepted.
 Well I guess having looked at this a bit more it's more something relating to the Kodi API than the Google Home controller. If I read it right the Controller passes commands to the Kodi addon which in turn uses one of three Kodi API calls CECActivateSource, CECStandby and CECToggleState. So I think I'll probably have to look at what they do in more detail. It looks like those calls may not be sufficient to get the RPi to tell the AV receiver "Hello I'm here make me active"

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