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Thanks so much. I got this working in one devise. I have node server on synology nas. I configured send kodi box and followed the instructions- created two IFTT appliets

My Config file
exports.kodiConfig = [
      id: 'kodi', // Give your main instance here any name you want
      // YOUR_KODI_PROTOCOL (http or https)
      kodiProtocol: 'http',
      kodiIp: '',
      kodiPort: '8080',
      kodiUser: 'xxx',
      kodiPassword: 'yyy'
      // You can use this to specify additonal kodi installation, that you'd like to control.
      // For example alternate kodi destination 1:
      id: 'PLEX',
      // YOUR_2ND_KODI_PROTOCOL (http or https)
      kodiProtocol: 'http',
      kodiIp: '',
      kodiPort: '8080',
      kodiUser: 'xxx',
      kodiPassword: 'yyy'
exports.globalConfig = {
    authToken: 'mykey',
    listenerPort: '8099',
    youtubeKey: 'AnnIzaSyB_sE5gtNo_B2S1xR3UL8G9KnXUKXxGc6k'

I use the following in webhooks
{"token":"mykey", "kodiid":"kodi"}
{"token":"mykey, "kodiid":"PLEX"}

Please note I use same username and password in both kodi boxes "kodi" and "PLEX" and same token key in applets for "kodi" and "PLEX"

In IFTT applet in the IF side: what do you want to say has
kodi play movie $ in applet for kodi box "kodi" 
PLEX play movie $ in the applet done for kodi box "PLEX"

When I give command
Hey Gogle kodi play movie australia it work in "kodi" box
however when I say Hey Google PLEX play movie australia I get "unable to make web request. Your server returned a 500". This is is what is in IFTT log shows as error for not running the Plex applet

I am also confused as to the instructions you noted in your document to handle mutiple boxes
"Having one node server targeting both kodi instances. (Recommended when hosting yourself)
1.    The utilization of the kodi-hosts.config.js allows you to name your instances and target them individually.
i.e. the phrase living room kodi play... could target
and the phrase bedroom kodi play... could target"
becuase your id: living room" not "living room kodi" etc

and for local node js method you state 
"xample scan library If you normally would use a sentence like: "Hey Google, kodi scan library" --> Will start a full library scan. For running this command on your second kodi instance, you could copy the applet, and change it to: "Hey Google, kodi scan library in the bedroom".".

Are the above correct? It is confusing. could you please clarify how the voice command should be give to play a movie on my box named "kodi" and "PLEX". I belive that the name here is the name set in kodi application setting as the name for the kodi 

Thanks in advance

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