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(2019-10-11, 18:11)[email protected] Wrote:
(2017-05-10, 08:19)omertu Wrote: I've put together a solution that allow you to control Kodi with your Google Home / Google Assistant.
Eventually it allows you to perform these actions with voice commands:

Play a movie:
"Hey Google, kodi play movie [movie name]" --> will search for the given movie name and play it.

Play the next unwatched episode:
"Hey Google, kodi play tv show [tv show name]" --> will search for the given tv show and play the next unwatched episode.

Play a specific episode:new
"Hey Google, kodi play [tv show name] season 2 episode 5" --> will search for the given tv show and play episode 5 on season 2.

Pause / Resume kodi:
"Hey Google, pause kodi"

Stop kodi:
"Hey Google, stop kodi"

Setup instructions can be found here:

Hope it'd be helpful,

I'm Thoroughly confused..  So i have a tv with a chromecast on it, connected to Sonos Soundbar.  I have Kodi on my computer with movies, music, TV shows
I created a glitch i think correctly, created applet in IFTTT,change Kodi settings, Changed Router Forwarded and on computer allowed sharing and media streaming

Now how exactly is this all work?  I activate google assistance either on phon or my google mine.  Kodi play "Skyscraper" on Living Room TV  of in living room (room with TV and Sonos PLayer)

Do i have to install kodi somewhere else?  On TV, On Phone? 
I think you may be using this wrong...?  At least for me Kodi is my client device streaming my movies from my Plex server.... I'm not sure if can push to other devices... if so that would be really cool!

Really rough overview on how it works...
When you say "Hey Google, Kodi Play Movie SkyScraper", it goes to IFTTT, and see's the words "Kodi Play Movie". That starts your applet to be ran.  It will then send a web URL to your public IP (back to your house) and if properly configured... will end up to your local webserver. Which does some logic, and then interfaces with the Kodi Client to start the movie through Kodi (not through chromecast/sonos etc...)

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