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(2019-12-06, 15:35)[email protected] Wrote:
(2019-12-06, 04:55)harlekin Wrote: Havent installed all yet. Voice commands are Google dependent - so google has to identify them correctly for them to work. You can always replace keywords in the IFTTT syntax - if the underlying module works in principal.

(You can always test modules using the test page in Glitch (the one where you get your glitch server url from). If that works, you know that the issue should be phrase recognition on googles part. So try out different trigger phrases. Smile )

Google does some weighing. So if you write in anything that sounds like "bank", or "coffeshop" - chances are, that you are getting a wrong weighing on average - so try different keywords. Smile Maybe.

Another question. Is there a possibility to chain commands? On the most simple level - display info, and then trigger it again 5 seconds or so later, so that info gets removed from screen again.

How would you go on doing that? (With IFTTT or built in modules.)

Not sure i follow.  The command Kodi Navhome, Kodi Navback, Kodi Navup used to work.  They are defined in the Glitch project.  When i give the command to google, they appear to be going through to kodi correctly, since kodi will show an error indicating not recognized broker phrase 'kodi navhome' 
I tried a few things.  As suggested in the Glitch test connection page, i put in the commands Navhome, navback, etc.... they all worked and did what was supposed to in Kodi.  However when i tell google "Kodi Navhome"  it says it does not recognize broker PhraseHuh

when i look at my log in IFTTT, i have a failed action 'unable to make web request.  Your server returned a 500'

I'm lost, this worked before, what is technically happening?  I don't understand why the command is not going through correctly?  Does it have something to do with lower/uppercase, languagesHuh

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