Release Control Kodi with your Google Home
That regex somehow looks wrong. Could be wrong. Wink

maybe should be

so \d+ means any number with one or multiple digits
(?something) should be fuzzy grouping, not sure.

<q> refers to that combination of letters in the text string handed over? (not sure why).

\\d+ could be correct if pearl (?) 'eats' a single \ for some reason, but usually \\ means ignore the \ in \d+ and treat it as an actual backslash rather than the combination \d+ which stands for a number with  one or multiple digits. Which is odd. | would mean 'or' by the way. So again \\d+ should only be correct if the regex interpreter somehow 'eats' a single backslash - which is still unusual.

And again, could be wrong.

That nav instead of navigate fixes your issue speaks to google not sending over the word 'navigate' correctly 'written' in your case - which again, most likely is a language option thing on the Google Home  (Assistant) level. And again, could be wrong. Smile

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