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(2020-02-09, 13:31)pinn Wrote: Hi,

Is this the only way to get Home integration set up as it seems a bit daunting? I thought there was talk of baking it into Kodi itself

It is not as hard as it seems. Smile

Use Glitch as your webserver (At first, if you are not hosting it on your own.).
Follow the tutorial on github.
Skip the optional steps at first.

Once the Glitch instance is set up, you will have a 'test' menu in the Glitch project to send out test commands. (Without having interfaced to Home yet) - use that to troubleshoot all your potential connection issues. Your port forwarding on your home router. Your dynamic DNS (if your IP (the one you get from your ISP) changes over time, to get one that doesnt change).

Once you have that working -

- try to wrap your head around what IFTTT does, and how it communicates to the glitch server. Smile

Ensuring that you have port forwarding on a port from your home router into the internet at large, and ensuring, that you have a static IP (via a dynamic DNS service, or because your ISP gives you one by default) is the hardest part. Smile

Also, to test if port forwarding works, use a mobile phone dialed into a cellular network (to surf to yourip:port - in any browser), and dont try to pull up the page on your local network. Port forwarding actually only forwards to WAN (the internet at large) and not within your home network. Smile (Took me ten minutes to wrap my head around at first.. Wink )

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