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(2020-07-03, 01:14)harlekin Wrote: Found a way to fix the glitch 403 issue, while still keep using glitch.

Register a free account with, click on workflows, create a new workflow
- first step http webhook
- second step node.js

make it look like that:

In http webhook click on curl - and simply copy the url you see there at the bottom (see top of the screenshot). This is the new url that has to be entered in your ifttt options, you can leave the rest as is (in ifttt).

In the node.js step you simply copy/paste in this code:
const axios = require("axios");

// Make an HTTP GET request using axios
const resp = await axios({
method: "POST",
url: ``,
headers: {
"Content-Type": "application/json"
data: { name: "Luke" }
src and better formating: Wink

Then replace the url with your glitch server url (including the /whatever) and { name: "Luke" } with your {"token":"tokenpassword"}

Thats it. Works. Smile

IFTTT now sends a json request to the pipedream url, that triggers a json request to your glitch server. That means that IFTTT isnt communicating with glitch directly anymore - hence no more 403 errors. Yay. Wink

edit: Or use a RaspPi to host OmerTus GoogleHomeKodi yourself, using docker. I went for the quicker fix -- with the downside, that the solution in this thread adds some additional delay. (Not outrageous, but noticeable.)
(2020-07-07, 23:29)RonnieBoy82 Wrote: Do I make a new workflow for each command or can it be done on one. Sorry, not a coder at all

I don't know - I've implemented my voice commands in IFTTT with custom german triggerwords, so I had to create one for each command (used).

I haven't tried implementing the entire suite, so I don't know. But imho it should be possible.

IFTTT originally sent out the same post command to an url with a json body as the node.js script does. So both should be 'the same' as far as the glitch server is concerned. Post a screenshot of the IFTTT setup page for your command if you want more help. Smile (edit url and token so they arent the ones you use.. Smile )

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