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(2020-07-30, 22:20)ToddeSwe Wrote: Hi

I was glad to see this because i bought my Google Nest yesterday and today i was already longing for a way to control my Kodi on my meda PC with OpenElec solution.

But maybe i'm just missing something but i can't find a file to download to install this on my Kodi?

You don't. The only setting you change in Kodi is 'allow the device to be controlled via http' in services (under settings), and maybe set a password for that. (Not mandatory.)

Kodi will then run a webserver, that can be used to send commands to, to have it do stuff.

You then have to forward the port on your home router to the wider internet (so the device you are running Kodi on becomes addressable from the internet). For this it is recommended to pick a port above 10.000 and forward it to the internal port on your kodi device (f.e. 8080). Then potentially setup a DynDNS service (preferably on your router) (google DuckDNS for a popular one), which is a thingy, that would tell a service at all time what your home networks public IP address was, and then match an url, or an IP to that (in case your internet service provider doesnt provide you with a static IP address - if it does, you can skip the DynDNS step).

When you have that set up correctly, you should be able to surf to that address:port (so f.e. on your smartphone (while it is using the cell network), and would have Kodi on your device respond with a website (a webportal).

Once you've done that, the rest is easy. Wink

Follow this write up:
together with the readme on for Glitch (you basically dont use Glitch anymore, but - but the setup is similar).

What you are doing is setting up a free webserver, running OmerTus code on that server, which now acts as an intermediary between IFTTT and your Kodi box. has a service part that can interact with Google Assistant (on your google account), and can be used to set up the voice command part, IFTTT then will be set up (by you) to send specific actions, when google Home hears a HomeKodi command, to said webserver, and the webserver then sends the correct request to your kodibox (address:port), and Kodi responds. Smile

Hardest part is to get dyndns and the portforwarding to work. Smile (Requires some knowledge of your home router. Not all routers support DynDNS.)

All of this can be set up for free.

Hi and many thanks for this superb desciption on how to. But this i will never be able to do for myself. At least i know now that i should forget to use my Kodi with my new toy Google Nest. Smile
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