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(2020-08-10, 06:48)erbas Wrote:
(2020-08-10, 06:32)harlekin Wrote: That defeats the purpose of having you learning it on your own. Smile

The entire process is pretty 'easy' when it comes to troubleshooting, because you can check functionality every step of the way. Smile

Portforwarding and DDNS set up correctly? Do I get a website as a response (/password entry prompt), when I surf to address:port on my smartphone (using a browser Wink ), using the cell network (not Wifi)? If yes, that part is done correctly.

Webserver with Omertus code set up correctly? (F.e. on Do I get any error message on in the terminal? (If yes, kodi hosts config is not set correctly, look at the images in the github thread linked above). Do I see the "test functionality page" on after pressing start? (If yes, is set up correctly.) Does the "test functionality page" communicate with my Kodi installation correctly? (If yes, you've used the correct settings to set up the server.)

After that the only part that is left is setting up IFTTT following the glitch guide in the github readme, but using the ( url (the one you see above the testpage), with a simple / command added at first (try /playpause first). Once that works, you have everything in place.

You even can try it without DynDNS (DDNS) at first, just using your public ip address (google "what is my ip" without the quotes on a PC in your home network (WLAN or LAN)), but the problem here is, that the setup would break, whenever your ISP changes your IP address (if it doesnt offer you a static one, that only changes once every three years or so). So thats what you have your DDNS service for. (So you get an url/ip thats always the same, which gets dynamically mapped to the IP your home network is addressable under all the time.)

On the only part you "invent" is the "token" (choose any word or phrase), all the other fields in settings should be self explanatory. (IP address, public port (the one above 10.000), kodi username and password (see kodi settings page), ...)

Where will I insert the token I don't see anything like that in: kodi-hosts.config.js
Thank you.

Its also in the kodi-hosts.config.js (the only file you'll edit on - look at the screenshots in the github thread linked (the one dealing with, scroll down a bit).

The 'token' is just something the ( server deals with, its something close in functionality to a password, so it only responds to requests that tell him that token. (IFTTT talks to the server using a post request in JSON, this post request also will have the token embedded in the body, so the server knows that its an 'authorized' request). The token is just a word you make up, and you have to put it into the kodi-hosts.config.js file on, and into the config for your IFTTT command(s) (that part (setting up IFTTT) is exactly the same as the glitch tutorial in the official Omertu readme (only thing thats different there is the beginning of the url (not glitch, but the url you get from (above the test webpage that hopefully shows up when you hit the run button - on the test page (to test those commands, on you also need to enter the token word, but there it wont be saved, you only enter it there to test the functionality and the connection of the server to your Kodi box.)))

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