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Quote:Sending command to kodi http://192.168.1.XXX:8080/jsonrpc

192.168.1.XXX is an internal IP adress. (Local Area Network address.)

For something on the internet to get access to your kodi box it needs the actual IP address of your home network. The thing I already wrote would come up, when you google "what is my ip". The internal address (192.168.1.XXX) is more ore less the same for every second dude/gal on the planet.

What you need to do is get your external IP address working with the port added to the end.

So far you've ignored four steps I mentioned.

1. If you get the 'website/password prompt' response surfing to ipaddress:port, on your smartphone, while connected to the CELL network, you are ok. If you get it while connected to the WLAN, well horray, you havent done so much yet.. Wink

2. You need to 'punch a hole' (portforwarding) into your routers firewall, so the Kodibox becomes accessible from the internet at large (WAN (public) IP address (Wide Area Network), the thing that comes up when you google "what is my IP"), then check with your smartphone on the CELL network, if that was successful.

3. When doing that portforwarding stuff, choose a port higher than 10.000 at random that you would open on your router, to then forward to IP address 192.168.1.XXX (XXX has to be the actual number your kodi box is in your home network under) at port 8080. Dont just open port 8080 on your public IP on your router. Reason - ports below 10.000 get more frequently scanned by attackers at random, to see if they are open. Also, if you use open default ports on the router side, it might tell an attacker what you are running behind that. So if that port is open, and you advertise to hackers, what might run behind that, and common software might have known security flaws - hacker might own your home router. Might. Still, you dont help in that effort, thats why you choose a port higher than 10.000, at random, to open on your router side. (Port in the kodi settings interface still can be 8080, you port forward the external port to the internal port at said (internal) IP address, anyhow.

4. Your 'external' (public) IP (the one you get when you google what is my ip) might change, daily, depending on your ISP. Every time it does, it would break the setup. So find out if it does - and if so, you have to look into DynDNS (f.e. duckdns) as well.

If you just find out, that there are such a thing as public and internal ip addresses, you have some reading up to do on "how your router/modem works.. " Wink usually people find out, once they realize that everyone uses 192.168.1.XXX in examples, and that there have to be more than 256 (XXX can only be one of 256 numbers. Wink ) devices on the internet.. Wink

You can still do it - but again, if you come at this with no prior knowledge, the 'figuring out your router, and portforwarding, and DynDNS (DDNS)' stuff is the hardest.. Smile

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