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(2020-08-12, 02:09)erbas Wrote: thanks ️
Our routers are blocked by the internet operator!
Almost impossible to get into it.
I solved the problem by buying a broadllink rm pro.
I have many limitations for something so simple.
Thank you.

Internet operator (ISP) usually gives you a router/modem combo. Port forwarding may, or may not be disabled by them. (Usually they have some way of enabling it, if 'gamers' are a demographic they care about, because gamers need that. Wink )

The ISP may also change your public IP address (f.e.) once a day, because that way they can save address space (most will do that).

Almost no ISP will give you a modem/router combo that would be compatible with a DynDNS (DDNS) service.

Usually as long as your ISP allows you to do port forwarding - you should be good though.

The 'hardest' part comes from you maybe having to run your own router behind the ISPs modem/router, and figuring out how to set that up, so you could have DDNS if needed. And partly from having to figure out port forwarding.

As DDNS is just 'a device' announcing to a web service what your public IP is at all times, it could be done by any device in your houshold (that supports it), but usually its expected to be done at the router level (dont know the thing you bought, just saying how this works in general).

Also, buying a router that could do this doesnt have to be expensive at all. There are routers out there that can be flashed with open source firmware, and all that can - support everything you need. You can get used ones from 20USD upwards (in the west), and 'good' ones for about 50-60 USD used.

Tomato is an easy firmware for beginners. Refer to: for help if you need. Smile Flashing a router with a custom firmware can brick it, so on that whole venture, and learning the basics of home networking, you are on your own. Wink Thats the hardest part (the one we cant walk you through), the rest is not so hard, you basically can do it by following a tutorial someone wrote.

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