v17 -  PVR Transfert Locked channel
I'm a french developper and i have a question :

Can we push a protected channel to Kodi ?
Channel protected need a pin code, it's for adult content.

PVRIptvChannel &channel = m_channels.at(iChannelPtr);
      PVR_CHANNEL xbmcChannel;
      memset(&xbmcChannel, 0, sizeof(PVR_CHANNEL));
      xbmcChannel.iUniqueId         = channel.num_ch;
      xbmcChannel.bIsRadio          = false;
      xbmcChannel.iChannelNumber    = channel.num;
      strncpy(xbmcChannel.strChannelName, channel.name.c_str(), sizeof(xbmcChannel.strChannelName) - 1);
      strncpy(xbmcChannel.strIconPath, channel.logo.c_str(), sizeof(xbmcChannel.strIconPath) - 1);
      xbmcChannel.bIsHidden         = false;
      PVR->TransferChannelEntry(handle, &xbmcChannel);

I would like :
xbmcChannel.bIsLocked = true/false;

Currently we have to manually change this option in the channel parameters, but the French laws require to block by default the adult content.

Thanks, and sorry for bad english,
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