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Updating Channel XML
I noticed that I need to go to the KODI setup/configuration panel/UI to get a list of channels and then set the actual names of the channels next to the FREQUENCY in the dialog. If there a way to tweak a back end XML or CONFIG file so I don't waste time having to do this for every channel in the UI itself?

I'm not sure I follow you. Normally you'd do the channel setup in NextPVR rather than Kodi.
Sorry, ya'll. I did mean to say the setup is done in NextPVR. Yes, I'm trying to find a quicker way to designate my channel descriptions without having to navigate each CHANNEL entry via the UI. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.
What exactly are you trying to change? In most situation the channel names would come from the stream - occasionally people might edit a name or two to more clearly identify those channels.
I get a CHANNEL NUMBER and FREQUENCY. I don't get the name such as CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2. Otherwise, I would not be going through this trouble.
What type of TV source are you using, and how many channels are you talking about?

North American digital cable (aka 'QAM')? This is the one type of setup where it is optional for the cable companies to transmit channel name, so they often don't, leaving you with channels called 'Unknown xxx' etc.

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