Have to click twice to get the picture

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z-vap Offline
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So I got my backend and fronty end running for TvHeadend. I am using the TVHeadend HTSP for the client. I notice that I need to choose a channel twice for the picture to work.

First time, all i get is audio. Then I stop it and choose it again. and it works Audio and Video.

Not sure if this is a TVHeadend backend issue or front end issue.

Anyone have this happen to them? Thanks
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rpcameron Offline
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Sounds more like a backend issue, with the HTSP stream not properly setting up the stream with the video in it.
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rudrood Offline
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On what device are you running your client, and what build?
The problem sounds like an RPI with Milhouse build after 0502.

If so read here:
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