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Solved Issue - VIDEOS category default folder
Hi, when selecting the "Videos" category from home, the following options are displayed:

Files <--- My source movies are in here
Video Addons

Before the latest update, I didn't see these above items. Instead I would just automatically see the contents of "Files" where my source files and folders are.
I've tried quite a bit to figure out how to make "Files" be the default view again. Seeing the above first just adds an extra step.

Thank you. Hopefully I've explained enough.
Hi DogStew and welcome to the forums.

That's because a new feature was added to the skin settings, where you can change all regular category actions.

Go to Skin Settings > Home > Category Menu > Change category actions
Click the Videos button and select the preferred action (probably Files in your case).
Great. Thank you for the help!
Glad you got it fixed. Smile

I'll mark this thread as solved.

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