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Kodi 17 - Aeon Nox keeps resetting my customised home to default
I customised my kodi home page (running Aeon Nox skin) with specific images, different links for anime, one that pulls up retropie, etc etc.

Very occasionally (it hasn't done it in a long while actually) when I reboot (or turn off and then after a day or so, turn on) my raspberry pi, it'll load to the default look of Aeon Nox. I've tried rebooting it several times and to no avail.

Anyone know what might be going on? Or able to point me in the right direction of whether I can find my old skin settings?

EDIT: My library is still intact.
This would be better in the skins section.

I'll move it there.
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Aeon Nox keeps resetting my customised home to default00