Android - Kodi 18 Alpha can't access recordings from VU+/Enigma2 PVR Addon

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Jemus Offline
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since a few days I'm using the VU+/Enigma2 PVR Addon on my Kodi clients.
On every device (Windows PC, RPi2, Android Smartphone) I'm able to access the TV-recordings via the PVR Addon while using the Aeon Nox skin, if the device is running Kodi 17.

On my Nvidia Shield TV and my Samsung Note 4 I'm currently running a Kodi 18 Alpha build because it allows me to use Amazon Video within Kodi.

Unfortunately on these devices I cannot acces the recordings section. It is neither possible via the sidemenu when Live-TV is already running nor via a shortcut that points directly to Live-TV --> Recordings.

In the standard skins like estuary and estouchy I don't have any issues like that and am able to get to my recordings.

I know Kodi 18 is still in development but nevertheless I wanted to ask, if anyone know what might cause the issue and how it may be solved.
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there is somewhere in this forum a patch for aeon. keep searching.
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