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I made a update to the latest Millhouse build and use youre skin with a raspberry pi but now I´m missing the search option where my favorites are. The option is activated but the tab at the left site is not showing up?

here is an example  ImageImagePIC
Hi, can I add custom elements to the start menu?
Hi braz,
again the question about editing the Main Menue and submenues.
In 1.2 it was so easy to do it.
in 2.x now there is only on/off for existing menues.
Where are the favorites and where do I put my pictures?
Editing the menue is IMHO very important.
Is there a little bit hope that it is coming back?
Carry on with your fantastic work on this great skin.
HI Brad I love your skin in krypton version. There's a chance to bring it back skinshortcuts? It make the skin more customizable and I love it. Thanks for your work.
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