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Fallback widget to display content of menu only

I am using Eminence 2.0 and love it. I am almost finished customizing it but can't figure out to make the fallback widget display what is in the selected menu.

For example when I select TV show, the content of the widget is TV shows. That is easy.

Now I have created new menus linked to fav items that are also video source (linked to specific folder on local server).

I have one called Kids in which there is only movies for my kids, I have another one with documentaries, etc... now if I select the kids menu, the Spotlight widget shows me random movies from the library, including action or horror movies... how can I make it focus only on what is in the folder or favorite ?

I hope I make myself clear.

Thank you in advance for any useful answer.
Rather than linking directly to a folder, scan everything to the library and use "Smart Playlists" (Videos > Playlists > New Smart Playlist...) to separate everything based upon the source folder.

With the smart playlist, just make a new rule that is "Path" "contains" "Path/to/your/content".
So you make one that points to your kids folder and then a separate smart playlist that points to your folder for everything else. Then in the home customisation menu link those playlists as your menu items.

Then you need to create two additional smartplaylists in the same way to use as your widgets. But this time also change the "order by" option to "random" and set the limit items value to something like 10 or 25 (to speed up loading the widget). Then link this playlists as your widgets for the corresponding menu item.


thank you very much, seems like a good idea... didn't think of the playlists for videos, somehow I thought it was related to music. I will try this
working GREAT !!!

Thank you so much for your tip !

Eminence 2.0 is just the best skin EVER !

Fallback widget to display content of menu only51