v17 -  Can someone explain/describe each ListItem.setArt label's location?
I've been looking over the Kodi development documentation and came upon the ListItem.setArt function, which I'd like to apply to my addon. In my addon I list directories and files in the same List, so I'd like to somehow show a folder icon on the list items that bring the user to another subdirectory. Problem is I don't know which setArt label applies to which image that appears on the screen. Can anyone tell me where each image type is found on the screen?

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for plugins; they depend on the skin.
the skins usually use thumb and/or icon.
they sometimes use thumb if icon is not present.
they also have a default icon for folder
But on the default confluence skin for example, where would you see the thumb/icon? Is that the image that's on the right side of screen? That's what I'm trying to figure out for all the above values, an example of what they look like/where I'd see them.
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They are skin dependent, i'll just use the old estuary skin as an example because that's what i have;

in where the skin files are stored. ...\addons\skin.estuary\1080i
in a file that is named like view_50_list.xml
there will be a <control type="image"> with <left> and <right> coordinates about where that image will be.
that control will have a <texture> tag with a value of $VAR[IconWallThumbVar]

there will be another file called Variables.xml where you'll find
    <variable name="IconWallThumbVar">
        <value condition="Container.Content(studios)">$INFO[ListItem.Label,resource://resource.images.studios.white/,.png]</value>
        <value condition="!IsEmpty(ListItem.Thumb)">$INFO[ListItem.Thumb]</value>

you can now see that it has some logic about studios and will use ListItem.Thumb if it is not empty but it will use icon. (likely as default)
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Can someone explain/describe each ListItem.setArt label's location?00