[Krypton ] Kodi jumps back to last position in thumbnail list when leaving view mode

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In Kodi releases previous to Krypton I was able to slide through pictures in view mode and go back to the last thumbnail viewed when I hit escape to get back to the thumbs list.
I would start out at thumbnail one and go into view mode and slide through my pictures with the forward or backward key.
At some point I'd be at picture 212. Then I would hit escape to get back into the thumbnails list.
Then I would be at the position of the thumbnail of the last picture I viewed, e.g. thumbnail 212.

Now in Krypton, it goes back to the last thumbnail I was at in the thumbnail list, regardless of where I stopped in view mode.
If I start at thumbnail 212 and slide through to picture 1022, it goes back to thumbnail 212 when I go back into thumbnail listing.
In previous releases it would go back to the listing at thumbnail 1022.

I hope it's clear what I am trying to say :-)
Is this normal behviour? Can it be configured?

Thanks :-)
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