Kodi 18 - German Translation on Kodi - Main misses at least one literal

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Hi there,

as my request to help with the German translation on transifex got declined (probably because I was accepted 9 month ago, but did not contribute anything by now), I'd like to inform the team, that at least the following literal is missing in the ressource.language.de. string.po

For Kodi 18:

#. Label of various controls for resuming playback from a certain point in time
#: xbmc/pvr/PVRGUIActions.cpp
#: xbmc/video/windows/GUIWindowVideoBase.cpp
msgctxt "#12022"
msgid "Resume from {0Confused}"
msgstr "Fortsetzen ab {0Confused}"

As I am still willing to contribute to Kodi, please let me know, if my help is wanted.

Thanks and best regards

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