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Sometimes Kodi hangs on stopping a stream - MMAL issue
I finally got a hang with only VideoPlayer debug enable.

ERROR: CMMALVideo::dec_control_port_cb Error (status=3 EINVAL)
error line is there, but there isn't much more that I can understand from the rest.

I've stripped down a bit the log, because this was originally 170MB of log, so I only left the last part starting from the last played channel, and until the last log line that was recorded in the file.

I hope this is useful, if not please let me know what else I can do.

Debug log file
Hi KlotX

That is a huuuge file... 170MB. Your Kodi must have been running for quite a while to create one that big.

I can't see your log. Most of us don't like downloading unknown files, which is why we ask that you use pastebin, where we can just click on a link and almost instantly start reading the log.

The cutting it down is also an issue. Especially as you state that you have removed all upto the error. This means we can't see vital info at the startup.

Ways to reduce the log size...
1. Disable automatic Library Updates
2. Seems like your issue is difficult to replicate, which means you are creating large files while waiting for the error. Maybe just keep restarting it every so often to clear out the log a bit.
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Hi Karellen,

Yes, I have debug on until kodi crashes, and 170MB is not that much honestly, once the log file had 1.1GB as it has been running for days and when I realised it I restarted kodi. I restart it once in a while, but it's very easy to get to these file sizes as VideoPlayer debug is very verbose.

I can provide the full log file, but I'm not sure how usefull it is, the one I provided already has 17MB (contains about 8 minutes of kodi usage) so pastebin can't take it.

This was the first time I got this error with VideoPlayer debug enabled, I've been trying for months to reproduce it, I really hope this is helpful as it is.

If more info from the log file is required, I can surely paste it.
Did anyone had a look at the log? Anything that standsout ?

It would be good to know if it is useful or not and if there is anything I can do to get more info.

Sometimes Kodi hangs on stopping a stream - MMAL issue00