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Add-ons reappearing after being removed
Hello There.

I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice.

I have gone through my kodi and removed Add-ons that I don't use. I went through the settings, clicked on the add-on, disabled the add-one and then uninstalled it. Once completed it was nice to see Add-ons on the screen that I only really use. After a few days the add-ons that I have removed had all returned.

Is there something that I have missed to stop this from happening?

Many thanks in advance
Which add-ons are you referring to, and what add-ons do you have installed?

Can you gather a debug log (wiki), upload it to or similar site and supply their link here.

Normal add-ons certainly shouldn't do that, but it's not unknown for certain banned add-ons (wiki) to try this kind of trick.
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Or some addons are installed because they are dependencies for other addons? I have seen this...
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
Hello there.

Thank you for your responses and so sorry that it has taken a while for me to reply.

I have the following add-ons which were pre-installed when the box was brought. I have tried several times to remove the add-ons and then after a few days they keep returning and not sure what else I could possible do to remove them completely.

The add-ons that I am trying to remove are:

1 Channel
Ares FootBall
Lihattv - TV streaming
Halow Live TV
Apple iTunes Prodcast
Bulldgo Streams
Champions Sports
Decacdo Documentaries
Everyone's Liverpool
f4m Tester
Football Today
HD Box
Kiddle Cartoons
MD.Watch series
Milkey's karaoke
Movie Hut
Movie Mix
Movie Vault
New kids TV
NJM Soccer
Peral Jam Live
Perfect HD Movies
Release HUB
Scene Peeper
South Park
Specto - fork
Sports Mix
Sports Devil
TED talks
The Royal WE
Tinkle Pad
TV Box Direct Wizard
TV Mix
UK Turk Playlists
UKTV Again

As you can see from the list above I got a load of add-ons that are on the box and don't use and would like to remove them. To remove the add-ons I went into the settings, my add-ons and then my video add-ons. I clicked on the add-on and then un-ticked auto updated, disabled the add-one and then uninstalled it. I have done this with all the listed add-ons above, and after a few days they all returned again.

Does anyone else know any other way to do?

Thank you
Oh wow, that is a lot!!!

Ok, with so many add-ons and repositories installed, the only way to completely remove them is to do a complete uninstall of Kodi and then re-install. Trying to uninstall all of these one at a time will leave remnants behind.

You will need to tell us what your hardware is. Please be specific so we give the right instructions. If you can provide a website link to what you have, that will be good enough.
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instead of a complete re-install of kodi, could I not just go in and uninstall the video add-ons as well as the repositories?

I read that "What most Kodi rookies don’t realize is that if you don’t like the addon and decide to delete it, the repository connection still remains. If you want to remove both an addon and its repository, you have to do so separately".

I had not been doing this just the video add-on.
You probably have a "build" or some other config wizard or such if addons keep returning after being uninstalled.
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
To start Kodi afresh - go into Android settings and....

Android settings > Apps > Kodi > Clear Data & Clear Cache

And if pesky Addons still reappear - go the Nuke it from Orbit option - you know just to be sure ;-)

Android settings > Apps > Kodi > Uninstall
I dont recommend anything other than completely reinstall Kodi. Its bogged.
Trying to clean up a dodgy box can be a headache. There really should be a KODI FAQ for this for those of you who want to come over the the Light Side Wink

Suggestions to try:

1\ When you delete addons, make sure you EXIT KODI itself before restarting the box. I remember one old box that would not save any KODI settings correctly unless you fully exited KODI itself.

2\ If the Android cache cleaning above doesn't work, you will have to go full nuclear on the install folders using a file manager (Total Commander is a good free one). Something in their custom scripts is resetting everything (or just plain ignoring your delete commands). So as well as using Android to uninstall the app, go find the data folder and delete it. Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/ or /SDCard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/

3\ Install a different KODI - example being SPMC ( ) After all of this attempt at cleaning up the cruddy addons, you'll probably find your box won't like KODI 17.1 anyway. When I have been handed cheapo nasty Android boxes full of crudware it is often simpler to just install a fresh copy along side the messed up one.

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