Seek lag?
I've always run Kodi with the files on a server on the network using ethernet. And seeking has always been poor.

Is there anything I can do to get past this? I find that the higher the definition is the worse it is. For 1080p I can't hit the forward button several times without it going wrong.
What distribution and version of kodi?
A debug log (wiki) showing a problem (as well as a description of what "poor" and "going wrong" means in this context).
It's happened on windows and on the raspberry pi, on the pi it's happened on OpenElec and LibreElec. I'm using Samba on a debian server and that's the only thing that's remained the same. I'm using gigabit ethernet switches and router and everything is connected with cat 6 cable.

When I say seeking is bad I mean I hit forward and it works, but if I try to do it several times it doesn't work. It either skips ahead a massive amount of time or cancels the skip.
I'll move to OS independent forum if it also affects windows as the right devs are more likely to see.

But, no one will be able to help without a debug log (wiki).
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