Req Direct navigation genres to albums rather than via artists
When clicking 'genre', Kodi gives me a list of genres I have, and then artists. I normally listen according to album so, I'd prefer if clicking a genre produced albums.

delving into Library node editor, I've gone to:

genres >
content: albums (changed this from 'artists')
order: Artist (ascending)
Grouping: genres

returning back to the 'music menu, i press 'genres' and this produces the expected list. However, I'm then seeing a list of artists. Clicking on these then produces albums.

Can I adjust this so that clicking e.g. 'bluegrass' produces a list of bluegrass albums, and not a list of artists within which are bluegrass albums?

this feels a bit like a bug but maybe i misunderstood?

No sorry, navigation in Kodi is genres > artists > albums, and there is nothing the user can do with nodes to change that.

However, remotes like Kore and Yatse do present the Kodi music library with genres > albums navigation. Using them could get you what you want.
Ah, ok Dave. I assumed that might have been possible . Thanks anyway for the tip on using yatse.
Just edited the thread title. Direct navigation genres to albums could be a nice option to have in Kodi UI, so flagged it as a feature request.
Always wondered this myself, many artists evolve and change Genres over the years so its not such a useful node.
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Direct navigation genres to albums rather than via artists0
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