Add a shortcut to folder to Main Menu

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Michaelfenix Offline
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Hi I have recently switched from phenomenal skin to aeon nox. In phenomenal I was able to add a shortcut to the main menu to my home movies folder. Every attempt to do this in aeon nox has been a headache. every tutorial I have found is to add an add-on which I don't want. I Have to be missing something I am quite proficient with PC's and kodi but I have tried every option I can find in nox and still cant get a simple shortcut to a folder on the main menu. So far all I have got it to do is put it in the sub menu of movies. If anyone knows how to set it into the main menu and could give me a explanation of how to do this would be greatly appreciated.
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ignade82 Offline
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I have the same problem but I am a newbie.
I wish submenu: folder and video addon
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