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New Install, Kodi will not start
Debug log

I had a first gen Fire TV laying around for a long time, so I decided to power it up and get Kodi installed on it. After a bunch of Amazon updates, the Amazon OS finally settled at version (573210520). Once the updates were completed, I downloaded "Downloader" from the Amazon Store. Put in the URL and installed Kodi. Once complete, I launched. The Kodi splash screen came up with a bar at the bottom "Preparing for first run" or something to that effect. After a couple of seconds, it just crashes back to the desktop.

Since I was unable to boot Kodi to enable debugging that way, I downloaded adbLink and uploaded an advancedsettings.xml with loglevel 2 (pastebin link attached).

Can anyone help get this instance of Kodi going please?
Also, I tried "Force Stop", then "Clear Cache", and starting again. Same thing. Preparing for first run, then crash.
Would a different log setting give more info to help someone debug my issue?

New Install, Kodi will not start00