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TV Show from not found with tmm
Searching with tmm I can not find the following TV Show from

Wunderbare Reise des kleinen Nils Holgersson mit den Wildgänsen (1980)

Tried different languages without success. Huh
I was able to find the show, most probably connection problem.
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Thank you for your help. But I do not get the same search result as you. I tried several languages and keywords but tmm did not find the tv show from 1980. My version is

watch gallery
Enter more words - "nils" might be to common to get the search result on top.
If nothing helps, try searching with IMDB number (tt0296386) - works with TMDB, if they have it stored.
Or use another scraper for this one...
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You are using the movie scraper instead of the tv show scraper. You have to add the folder containing the show as a source in Settings/TV shows/General and not in Settings/Movie/General.

TV Show from not found with tmm00