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Hi there,

not sure if this had been answered before but I couldn't find anything in the other threads.

All my music is tagged with musicbraiz picard, and everything functions as expected. Apart from however, a couple of japanese artists, who have their japanese name as the primary page in MB.

Example 1:

Hed Kandi 2017, track 31 - https://musicbrainz.org/recording/f89dd2...90e45ee025

The one of the artists names as tagged in the file is: Shuya Okino ( https://musicbrainz.org/artist/e903ba3c-...64ae3431a7 ) This displays in English in Album library view when viewing the track list, and when playing the actual track. But, in Artists view, the name is displayed as: 沖野修也

The same for example 2:

Love Groove Dance Party, disc2, track 5 - https://musicbrainz.org/recording/e3a516...7214236107

Artists name as tagged in the file is: Satoshi Tomiie ( https://musicbrainz.org/artist/97b07d48-...140ea2b4f9 ) which displays as 富家哲 in Artists library view, and in English everywhere else.

Both these artists have the English version of their name as an Alias set to Locale - English (Primary).

Is there a setting for Kodi to use the English primary version of their names (or the name tagged in the actual file)?

This also seems to be causing cdART Manager to throw a bit of a wobbly on startup.
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I think it best to wait for Scott to come along and reply. I know that he has a lot of non-latin character named artists in is collection, and will be able to advise on the best way to handle them with tagging etc. Meanwhile...

Quote:Is there a setting for Kodi to use the English primary version of their names (or the name tagged in the actual file)?
Kodi gets its data from the tags, and then can add additional info from the scrapers, or overwrite some of the tag data depending on settings. I'm not sure if scraping is playing a part here? Or if it just different entries in ARTIST and ARTISTS tags. But no there is no setting to say use this name rather than that.

Quote:This also seems to be causing cdART Manager to throw a bit of a wobbly on startup
I don't know about that addon, I think it does its own lookup, but name in non-latin characters could upset it.
It is common on Musicbrainz to have some releases credit an artist using the artist's native script, and on other releases to credit using latin-1 (Romanized) script. It's also likely that the artist uses some sort of stylized latin-1 name (often with capitalization that differs from what westerners expect). Then there's the question of using East-Asia surname- given name order or western given name - surname. As long as Musicbrainz resolves these to primary or alias with a single ID Musicbrainz scrape should not be a problem.

What you do in your tags is personal preference. For my part, I turn off the "prefer online information" setting. I use my preferred version of the name (for me, means most likely to be found on online sites as the "name") as the artist name and the correct Musicbrainz ID for the artist ID. I do this by tagging, not relying on universal artist scraper (changes afoot for Kodi 18 might change my methodology). In album artist tag, I enter both the identical artist name (first entry) and the alias(es) as second or subsequent album artist. I don't enter any ID for album artist, unless needed for album artist "credit string" which requires both the "album artists" and IDs. I create fake IDs for the alias names in this case (doesn't happen often so managing this isn't hard for me).

My exception is on "V.A." releases, in that case I use primary and alias name in the artist tag (and VA in album artist).

I normally browse artists using "album artist only" filter and my method results in both the latin-1 name and native script or variant names showing up.

I don't think scraping is adversely affected by this, but I have to admit I'm not that sure, as I don't usually get good results from scraping so tend to add all my additional artist and album info (beyond what's in tags) manually.

I did a test on your first example (in Kodi 18 nightly, but shouldn't matter for this) using these tags:

Mp3tag File Overview

Title: Still in Love (Alaia & Gallo remix)
File: 31 Still in Love (Alaia & Gallo remix).flac
Artist: Shuya Okino feat. Navasha Daya
AlbumArtist: Various Artists
Album: Hed Kandi 2017
Track: 31
MUSICBRAINZ_ARTISTID: e903ba3c-8d06-4256-9c80-f264ae3431a7, e903ba3c-8d06-4256-9c80-f264ae340001, 86641c18-f8ac-4229-adb0-13f9ef4dda51
MUSICBRAINZ_ALBUMID: 266c61ca-aadb-4f2f-9c36-e29076096620
Artists: 沖野修也, Shuya Okino, Navasha Daya

and it worked as I expected (the album and song shows up under Navasha Daya, Shuya Okino, Various Artists, and 沖野修也 in library artists and roles views).



scott s.
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Guys, thank you both for your replies.

The issue was resolved by turning off the "prefer online information" option. I must have enabled it when upgrading from 16 to 17 & changing skins - too much tinkering with new toys!

After turning the option off, I removed the offending albums from my music folder, did a 'clean audio library', added the albums back into my music folder and did a 'update audio library'. Now the artists are displayed in the library view with the English version of their names from the mp3tags, and not scraped from MB itself.

And cdART manager is working nicely again.

Once again, thank you both for your time.
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