Recording issues - Kodi or backend problems?
I've noticed a few recording-related issues with Kodi 17 + estuary + NextPVR backend. I assume they are backend-related rather than Kodi itself, but I'd like someone who understands these things better to confirm.

- The EPG should show a red dot against a program that is being recorded, but does not. (the red dot does show up in the widget list though)
- If I start playing a program that is being recorded, I should be able to play it from the beginning of the recording, but I find I can only play it from where I started playing.

Are these things expected behaviour, or do backends differ a lot in their capabilities? I already know NextPVR is a bit incomplete with timeshifting, so would not be surprised if it's to blame here too.
Tried MediaPortal 1 and 2 servers as backends. Got the red dot, so that was a NextPVR backend problem. Timed recordings work fine.

Weirdest of all (so far) - clicking Record on a guide entry for a program that is on now, doesn't record it, but sets a timer with a start date in the past! You have to watch the program and press Record in the OSD.

Still can't play a recording from the beginning while it's in progress (chase play). It just tunes that channel, using up a tuner in the process. Once the recording has finished, it can be played OK.

Argh. someone wake me up from the buggy backend nightmare please.
Yes, all of those are backed issues, as I experience none of those errors with Tvheadend. (Or rather, not backed issues, per se, but issues with the PVR client.)
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Recording issues - Kodi or backend problems?00