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Release - Mimic 6.x for Leia

1. To imitate
Synonyms: resemble, look like, have the appearance of


Users of this skin will quickly see the resemblance to two of my favorite skins, Aeon Nox and reFocus. Even as Mimic borrows from both of these skins, my hope is that it will develop into its own style over time. Many thanks to BigNoid for his work on Aeon Nox, on which this skin is based. I've used many of the available skins since discovering XBMC/Kodi, but always returned to one of the Nox variations for its feature set and clear navigation. Also thank you to Jeroen, creator of reFocus, whose clean design and attention to detail were an inspiration for this skin. Mimic also borrows some of the great views from reFocus such as Gallery and BigList. More recently, this skin now "mimics" features from Arctic Zephyr and its mods, fTV, and Phil65's skin.


Explore the skin settings to customize the menus or change the color theme. You can also view a list of supported addons, and install any you are missing.


Mimic is now on Transifex. Sign up to translate the skin strings into your preferred language.


Mimic 6 will be available in the Kodi repository soon. The source is available here:

If you would like to express your appreciation for this skin, please consider a donation to the XBMC Foundation.


Mimic 6.x for Leia51