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N00b Q: OK, I install Kodi on Android phone. How do I get the stream to my TV?

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My phone is Micro-USB 2.0, of course, it supports OTG. There are dedicated dongles to get a HDMI signal out of Micro-UBS 2.0, though all have bad reviews on Amazon. Alternatively, I may need a Wi-Fi enabled TV and stream from phone to TV wirelessly. If the TV doesn't do Wi-Fi, is there a Wi-Fi dongle for TVs? I'm not sure if it's possible, or if it's a worthy endeavor at all.
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It's not worth it.
Use it on your phone and look at the screen. Use something else that's permanently connected to the tv by HDMI.
Edit: the nearest I got was a Microsoft miracast dongle - and it was still a bit rubbish compared to a real player.
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