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Kodi help required

I have Kodi on my Minix Neo u1 and would like to ask 2 questions.

1/. When i load Kodi and go to add ons i can see Android app tabs. Question is can these be removed or rearranged as required?

2/. When i load Kodi and go to movies or music, how can i add the folders from my main pc to these folders in Kodi?

for the 1st:

no clue, sorry Wink

for the 2nd:

there are different options.

- create shares on that main PC (whatever that might be) and then try to access those shares over the network (SMB or NFS). Read: Adding_video_sources#Adding_Remote_sources (wiki)

- share libraries via UPnP: HOW-TO:Share_libraries_using_UPnP (wiki)

- get some NAS (network attached storage) and store your files there and access that NAS with your man PC and your Android device.
I worked out how to remove the tabs it was in settings.
Now how to work out how to re arrange the apps.

Kodi help required00