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Windows - 10 smb share problems
Hi all,

I recently had some strange Problems with my kodi (android on Amazon Fire TV (and TV Stick) ) and Kodi on my Sony TV. All those problems were related to Windows 10 which I recently installed new. On my old system which was upgraded over the years from windows 7 to 8, 8.1 to 10 everything worked fine. But after I did a clean install nothing worked anymore.
So I tried to find out what was wrong but this time google wasn't my friend... So I tried to figure it out myself.
Here's what I found out
My login to the windows system was like that:
given_name name
connected to my Hotmail account (for windows keys, office etc:
[email protected] (no, just as example)
using either of these with the proper password just returned me to reenter the password.
So I had a look at my harddrive after I checked Network, Shares, even Computer name (uppercase/lowercase) and noticed that the User in C\user was xyz_g and not given_name name or [email protected]
Using that as Username with my login password worked fine.
I can't explain why this works for it's not my login but just a part of the Hotmail address that I use to log into my computer, but it might be helpful for those with similar problems to have a look what the name of their "userfolder" is.

Have Fun

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