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Kodi 17 - Banned from Forum?????
I am a new user and I got banned and don't understand why? What did I do wrong?
Hello gilpete49,

You must be mistaken. I have looked up your post history and you have not been banned or sent to the bin.

You post was moved because you posted in the incorrect area, so one of the Team members moved it to the correct area so you would receive a better response.

It is here...

If you can't find your posts, all you need to do is click on your username to the left. This will take you to your Control Panel. From there you will see a link (Find All Threads — Find All Posts). Click "Find All Posts" and you will get a listing of all your posts and where they are.

Same as this post. It is in the wrong area. But I won't move it until you reply so I know you found it.

Hope that helps.
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There should be a ban for excessive use of punctuation, though 😈

Banned from Forum?????00