Show Tracklist for Audio-CD ?
I wanted to ask if it is possible to get something like a Tracklist for a CD.

I'm asking because i wasn't able to find anything up to this point.
Maybe I have missed a setting or addon but i would be grateful if you could
show me the right direction.

I'm looking for something to show the contents of an Audio-CD without ripping it,
like you can in windows media player. (Just input the cd and it shows all the tracks on it)

I was able to get the cd to play the songs one by one (skipping worked fine) and show things like artist/title and so on but sadly only for one
track at a time.

I have tried some skins (eminence, confluence, aeon nox) but neither had the option for the feature i wanted.

Thanks for your response. I will gladly provide additional details if needed.

System: Linux Mint 18, Kodi (newest version i guess)
Have you gone to the Now Playing / Current Playlist (wording varies depending on skin used) option on the sidebar menu.
I already tried to look there but didn't find something that looked like what i wanted.

I have tried some more skins and some of them are able to display the tracks of the cd but not in a way
i like. I am nit sure what the skins were called but i will add it when i get back to my pc.

But because i now know that it is definitely possible could someone provide me a direction i would need to oook for if i wanted to modify a skin to my liking.

Thanks Smile

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Show Tracklist for Audio-CD ?0
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