Manually replacing fanart for a non-album artist -- where do I go?
(2017-05-22, 06:54)scott967 Wrote: This is skin-dependent. In Kodi artist info you can set the artist thumb and fanart from any local file via browse function. But for things like clearart or logo, you need skin support. Your skin may have an option to specify a place (path) to get artist art from.

scott s.
Using Aeon Madnox, and I see they have a "Path" option in the skin settings for this. Thank you!

(2017-05-21, 12:21)vicmanpergar Wrote: U can make artists folders with no actual songs or albums, just containing logos, disc, or extrafanarts.
(2017-05-21, 13:47)sagrath Wrote:
(2017-05-21, 05:01)Busta Uppa Wrote: I can't just make phantom artist folders for fanart purposes, can I?

Yes you can!

Just make a folder fot The Cure, put in there an logo, fanart, thumb.

I have a lot of ghost folders to use with Spotify.
Well that's great to hear! I'm trying this with a small test library, in which I've attempted to disable all forms of remote scraping. I've had some success getting fanart & extrafanart pulled from a "ghost" (no music file) folder, but results aren't consistent. I'm wondering if artist.nfo data might be causing a conflict? I've tried experimenting with and without an .nfo in a problematic artist folder. Does Kodi use some sort of fallback if there isn't an .nfo in the local artist directory?

It also seems Kodi is still serving me images from outside my artist folder. I experimented by replacing all images in an extrafanart folder with those of a different artist. After restarting Kodi and cleaning/updating the library, an extrafanart-enabled screen now cycles through images of both artists. I figure it's either using images from a cache location that I need to clear out, or perhaps there's some scraping setting that I missed when I was trying to disable everything (i'm betting on the former scenario though, since the logo.png I'm seeing is the manually-replaced one I had used before).

EDIT: To clarify, I'm not against remote scraping on principle. I just want Kodi to pull its images from local folders that are clearly labeled and easy for me to edit (i.e. the local artist library folders). I'd love for Kodi to continue it's online scraping, as long as it saves the art where I want it!

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