hash id generator
I was wondering, if kodi creates a hash id for an artist in conjunction with slideshow artist
would it be possible to have a generator to decipher the hash id as i have quite a lot of artists
without images and would like to put some in the folder if kodi can create the hash id surely you can
decode it

cheers rew88
I'm picking this up and ask why kodi need to hash the artist name?

I'm also running into artist-slideshow issues because of it, if you listen to radio, as still works and download fanart, but store them in a folder named by the kodi hash, and since the hash is not in the music db, the AS-helper addon can't decode them and move the folders to my NAS, that's what the autor from AS says.

Anyway I edited AS to bypass the kodi hash and use the proper artist name.
Just replace the default.py in the add-on folder.
Its a super super dirty hack, because I don't know Python at all!
(I have a artist named "...and you will" and needed to remove the ... From the name, I'm sure there is a better way to do this, if any one is reading my code)
But it works, I'm running it since a few month without any error, and i can copy the folders to my NAS once in a while, with drag and drop Smile
@meowmoo I have tried your .py file and it works perfectly but the problem is I have over 6gigs of
artists and images in the hash format which I would never get again so a generator is what I would like
but if I was starting again well !! i would use you py file for sure I still dont get why you would encrypt
the folders


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