Win -  Howto reset the database
I had changed the drive letters for my directories and when I re-scan I get duplicate entries.

How do I reset the database? I have deleted the DB Folder in c:\Ember Media Manager but it is still coming up with the old contents.
Have you edit your sources and cleaned the DB?
(2017-05-24, 21:18)T-bird_se Wrote: Have you edit your sources and cleaned the DB?

Edited the sources not cleaned the DB Will try that and see what happens - I presume it will delete anything in the old location of the files?
I also reread your first post and the DB folder doesn't contain any db, only the sql scripts to create or update previous version of db, you find them in profiles folder
So the advise is to put folder back if you have a backup of them
Thats why you got duplicates
Ah cleaning did sort it once I had changed the defualt locations for TV and movies Smile

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