My posts aren't showing up in a [solved thread]

I searched the forum rules on the wiki but couldn't find info that you can't post to a thread that's marked [SOLVED] but NOT closed.
I wrote a lengthy post and I could see it after I posted it at the end of the thread, but as I went back to reread other pages in the thread my new post was gone.

Can't find it and my account only says I've posted 1 post like 6 years ago.

Feel really sad cause it was a lengthy answer, a suggestion to help others find the solution in the future and a BIG THANK YOU to the guy who helped me solve a problem I've had for months.

Here's the thread:

Anyone know if I'm not allowed to post there or missed something?
did you successfully post? I only see one other post for you in an aeon mq thread.
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(2017-05-25, 21:04)bry Wrote: did you successfully post? I only see one other post for you in an aeon mq thread.

Yes, after I posted my whole post showed up at the end of the thread, there where no error messages and my new post was on page 4, a new page since before me posting the thread only had 3 pages.
I also tried posting again, just writing "test", and same thing happened, albeit this time the new post didn't show at all. I got no error message, only was transported back to page 1 of the thread.
Hello Hybris,

I have checked your account and post history and all looks in order. As you stated the only other post I can find from you is from 2011.

When a Moderator removes a post due to breach of Forum Rules it is moved to the Garbage Bin. There it is still remains visible for a number of months, but locked. Spam is the only type of post that is a straight delete. I have looked at the Moderator logs for the last 7 days and did not see a deleted post from you. Could you provide the date you posted?

It is quite possible that you hit "Post Reply" (the large blue button) instead of the black "Quick Reply" or "Preview Post". Using the blue button actually takes you to a confirmation screen where you are required to hit the blue "Post Reply" a second time. It's possible that when you saw the Preview screen you assumed it had been posted.

Please feel free to post again. Any information that you provide to help others is very welcome and valued here.
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Oh no, what horror is this... Why does "POST REPLY" take you to a Preview Pane?
It should say PREVIEW on the button if that is what it does, and drafts aren't saved?!
What wicked evil have you bestowed upon me.
How is this logical with a "are you really really really sure you wanna post?"-safeguard falsely advertised as "POST REPLY"?

I really appreciate you all taking time to help and check my post history and explain! Thank you!

I put so much time to writing that post with links and spelling check etc. since English isn't my 1st language. I was so sure I had CTRL+C the whole post too before posting, but I must not only did I fail in doing that I must also have missed the "preview"-heading as I would never have anticipated such a thing when carefully clicking the supposedly correct button.
haha. I totally agree. When I first started using the forum it happened to me also. I just couldn't figure out where my posts were going!!! Had that WTF moment then realised what happened.

It is a weird function, but the forum will be upgraded soon. Hopefully that is one of the ambiguities that is fixed.
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Under each thread three buttons says: Quick Reply, Preview Post and Post Reply

Preview Post and Post Reply does the same thing?! How isn't this the first thing you fix when you build a forum?

How many new members do you want to get discouraged, sad and spend time calling mods/making new threads wondering where their post went after they pressed POST REPLY.
Ofc. you can blame people posting for not looking careful enough or lacking reading comprehension... but really? That is just evil.

Thanks again Karellen, you are a truly helpful and nice person!
Post reply takes you to a screen where you can create a full post in the normal editor.
And if you're typed any thing in the quick reply box, if you push preview post you'll get the preview and below it the text you've entered in that same full post editor.

The button actions are similar, but not quite the same. So I'd say this is what you did by mistake and never actually submitted your post unfortunately and it's now lost.
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