Which skin supports shortcuts to favorites?

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chiuchimu Offline
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I just spent the last three hours surfing the net looking for this answer. Dozens of post saying "..choose a skin that can make a shortcut to a favorite.." yet not one that says "this is what you do for this skin".

Basically, I want to place shortcuts to folders on NAS drives on the home screen so my old mom can easily watch her TV shows. I know its simple to make shortcuts for Addons but my shortcuts need to point to local network folders.

Can someone tell me how they did it and name the skin they used?
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Hi chiuchimu and welcome to the forums.

A lot of skins offer to do this.

Shameless self promotion: Rapier can create a home screen category from a favourite.

Here's a step by step guide to creating a custom category.
In step 3 you choose to add the category from a favourite.
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