Is THETVDB scraper using the new TVDB 2.0 api?

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yhs4260 Offline
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Is it? If not, will a new version be ready in time for the October 1st shut off?

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Martijn Offline
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No we still use the old one

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yhs4260 Offline
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Is there a plan to make a new version use the new Api?

I ask as the API 1 is presently experiencing some issues at the moment, and from what I gather there is not much priority to fix them as this will encourage/push developers to using the new Api.

Also, every single user is going to need a unique login/token.

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ironic_monkey Offline
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fairly certain there will be a change as part of the work with getting the python scrapers up to snuff.
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jjd-uk Offline
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Indeed the work on the python scraper appears to have used the 2.0 API however it's still a work in progress, see

However that will only be a solution for v18 if it gets completed, so there will also need to be a strategy for v17 and below, whether that be update the existing thetvdb xml scraper or advise use of tmdb tv xml scraper.
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