Is THETVDB scraper using the new TVDB 2.0 api?
Quote:Quote:Hmm, that doesn't sound right. v3.0.1 is for Kodi v17 and above. If you have issues scraping, you will have to install v2.0.5
At some point earlier i did have Kodi 17.6 on this box, it could be leftovers

I will try to downgrade 

Went back in and the option to Update/Uninstall/Rollback are all grey

I went to another machine in the house and checked a fresh clean install
Zorin Os running Kodi 15.2 and no mods other than the advancedsettings.xml
this system is using TVDB scraper v2.0.5 and it cannot scrape any of the TV shows on the same network drive

Both machines are experiancing the following error
16:13:00 T:139689020397312 WARNING: Process directory 'smb://XBMC/2Tb-Series/Bones/' does not exist - skipping scan.
can someone pls explain
Did you start using it now and did it break? This week the scraper stopped working. Tried tmdb but that picks up some shows wrong. Switched back to tvdb, cleaned the library, but only one or two shows are picked up. Others give time-outs.
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Is THETVDB scraper using the new TVDB 2.0 api?00