Music Addons: Black bar across bottom
I have used your latest revision of the skin and autocomplete works great. I have noticed that under the Music addon. There is. Black bar across the bottom. It makes it (music) almost unusable. It's like the skin doesn't fully load in? This is the only catagorey that I see this happening to. Doesn't matter what view you use, same problem. It appears to be anything related to music. May be a problem with the actual music addon folder itself. I did notice a library extension in there. Even if I take a music addon and copy it to a super folder, same issue. Try's to launch through the addon folder. Any fix or work around?

This was from the latest GitHub revision. I also noticed, when linking super folders to a catagory, they almost try and overlap within the skin when you open them ..
Should be fixed in the latest revision on Github.


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Music Addons: Black bar across bottom51