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I opened a PR on githut to get some feedback from the coders:

The menu has been reduced to three dialogs total:

* Main menu: GameOSD.xml

[Image: 27528407-1c2aa706-5a05-11e7-8528-5cdf4a29bd93.png]

* Video settings: DialogSettings.xml

[Image: BnBlCRo.png]

* Input settings: DialogGameControllers.xml

[Image: bviNyAP.png]

BTC: 1JtXwJdGdE9YnYgThWBT2StFCU5sEYkbVD (personal), (foundation). Donations in the form of controllers, especially ones that don't work in Kodi, are also appreciated.
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(2017-06-22 19:41)MrTarantula Wrote:  
(2017-06-22 08:50)RockerC Wrote:  Personally I do not think that such one-second-interval granual rewind should be possible for games. How about instead implement from the OSD just give three simple the option to jump 10, 30, or 30-seconds back in time, (and a similar 5/10/60 option for skipping forward instead of classic fast-forwarding).

Rewind is a part of libretro. I believe one of the (possibly unofficial) goals of Retroplayer is to have feature parity with Retroarch. It would probably take more work to artificially limit the intervals that can be used. Skip steps and additive skipping still apply, so you're getting that functionality for free!

I for my part would hide the FF/rewind functionality completely - including the long seekbar GUI element from VideoPlayer. This way the more advanced user (anyone who dealt once in a life with Emulators knows that he should take a look/change the configs) can map the skip buttons to any buttons on the controller he likes using the button mapping via gamepad input GUI and the normal everyday user can play the games without missing any functionality (as the FF/rewind was obviously not there in the originals). This would also reduce complexity in my opinion as we have one GUI less which looks like "it's out of place" for gaming scenario.
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